New emails – two hundred and twenty one

19 09 2008

went back to office and check emails earlier on while waiting to pick up jingyi from her wedding dinner earlier on… TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE EMAILS… hmm, ONE of the email was a piece of good news… I’m gonna get the good service medal on 15 oct.. it makes me think wat good service have i rendered to my organization over the past 6 years…


Its a new hairstyle… INTRODUCING Ethan GONG Pang!

19 09 2008

Oops, it should not be Ethan Gong Pang, but rather Ethan Pang… I remembered this UOB advertisement that was shown on TV more than 10 years ago where the father actually brought his son to the barber to cut a gong gong… The difference here –> 10 years later, I brought my own son to the salon, to cut this gong gong hair…

VERDICT: Love and Hate
ps. I love it, mummy has no comments, ah gong and ah ma hates it, cousin say so cute and hairstylist say “OH MY GOD!”

Lunch with wifey at BJ

18 09 2008

It’s not BJ from Barney but BUGIS JUNCTION… I’ve got lost when I went there for my lunch this afternoon with Jingyi. So many things have changed at the shopping mall, and I don’t know where to start from.

But anyway, we had lunch at one of the HK Cafe, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Erm, different feel from Xin Wang and Kim Gary. Service standards not very high, food is normal. Pricing wise, abit steep, especially for the Blue Ocean that I ordered cost around $6.20. If you want something different, you might want to give it a shot, cause they serve western food. Jingyi had Grilled Pork Chop. While eating the Nissin Noodle, I felt something was missing, EGGS, maybe cause I’m an egg lover, so I requested for an additional egg. You can also add pork chop, chicken chop or other side offerings to your main dish as well. Anywayz, I’ve not found my fav food here yet (Xin Wang has my fav red bean paste pancake, Kim Gary has my favourite french toast)… Our damage for this meal: $33

Some pictures to share…

Why did I start bed-time stories with Ethan?

17 09 2008

I’m asking myself why?? He seems to get hooked on it and story telling time for him is not only at night, but in the afternoon (after he comes back from school), late afternoon (after he wakes up from his nap) and at night (before he sleeps)…

pictures of Ethan reading his favourite story book…

Wish me luck

17 09 2008

Erm, I’m wondering I’m done for my studies but how ready am I?? I revised with my classmates, but still, I found that I’m not that ready afterall…

anyway, I wonder why my mom keep on pestering me to bring Ethan for a haircut!! I know I’ve got TWO wedding dinners to attend (I’ll rather work than attend the dinners actually), and I’ve got so much things to prepare… After her constant pestering, and to save my ear, I’ve decided to bring Ethan for haircut tomorrow evening… Then she said, “还有工人乐leh!”



16 09 2008

It has been a long time that I wanted to setup my blog… Erm, not too sure if you noticed, I actually registered the domain, well as the domain says, I love my family, and the domain is registered for my family… My family = my parents = my wife = my kids = my aunties and uncles (some of them quite annoying) = my cousins (bunch of crazy lots like me) = my nieces = my nephews (the least contact)… right now, I’m preparing my exams but just can’t wait to come and make my first post…