Its a new hairstyle… INTRODUCING Ethan GONG Pang!

19 09 2008

Oops, it should not be Ethan Gong Pang, but rather Ethan Pang… I remembered this UOB advertisement that was shown on TV more than 10 years ago where the father actually brought his son to the barber to cut a gong gong… The difference here –> 10 years later, I brought my own son to the salon, to cut this gong gong hair…

VERDICT: Love and Hate
ps. I love it, mummy has no comments, ah gong and ah ma hates it, cousin say so cute and hairstylist say “OH MY GOD!”


Wish me luck

17 09 2008

Erm, I’m wondering I’m done for my studies but how ready am I?? I revised with my classmates, but still, I found that I’m not that ready afterall…

anyway, I wonder why my mom keep on pestering me to bring Ethan for a haircut!! I know I’ve got TWO wedding dinners to attend (I’ll rather work than attend the dinners actually), and I’ve got so much things to prepare… After her constant pestering, and to save my ear, I’ve decided to bring Ethan for haircut tomorrow evening… Then she said, “还有工人乐leh!”